Shinrin-yoku in your Sacred Space

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Smouldering ground botanicals in natural incense sticks are an elegant and easy way to forest-bathe at home. The aromatic, scent molecules of trees, called phytoncides deeply influence our health. When these tiny molecules from a smouldering incense stick (made of pure ground wood aromatics) are inhaled they go straight to the brain, which then instruct the rest of the body


Scientific studies of Shinrin-yoku ~ the Japanese practice of forest bathing ~ report improved sleep quality, lower anxiety, and less pain


This is also the case for the trees aromatics ~ when the ground heart wood, bark, resins and needles in natural incense sticks such are smouldered

Our pure ground cypress Point Lobos is a luscious, spicy, green forest scent. The main constituents of cypress are alpha-pinene, carene and limonene, which have long known antiseptic, antibacterial and stimulating properties

Resins such as styrax benzoin in Monreale also contain phytoncides and terpenes that have numerous benefits. This one is a mood regulator and help instantly transform the atmosphere into a peaceful, sedative state


This practice can be particularly helpful for people who are undergoing emotional stress, having trouble sleeping, or have experienced recent trauma or shock 

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