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UME produce premium grade natural incense sticks, handmade incense holders. As well as pure botanical atmosphere mists and oils. We select pure plant ingredients from unpolluted areas to make our incense. The incense sticks contain only: ground seeds, herbs, precious barks, resins and roots. Pure ingredients, that come directly from the source of nature. We trust you will enjoy the many therapeutic benefits these plant ingredients can bring into your sacred spaces 

Ancient Ways

We align with the ancient ways, the ways that transcend boarders. Ways that seek kinship and are passed on to those who show interest, willingness and respect. Wisdom that aligns harmoniously with the natural world. On many occasions sacred practices have been covered up, misinterpreted and suppressed. During the last century especially, ancient knowledge has travelled far and wide, often taking up root in lands far from the origin. These well travelled seeds of knowledge have taken root in fertile lands that welcomed them. Who owns these seeds?

As much as there is turmoil on this planet, these seeds display a resilience. Adapting, transforming, inspiring those who encounter them. The continuity of life force energy, not disappearing into dust, but evolving. The yin and yang of the Universe ... in every dark there is a portal leading to light ... and vice versa. The eternal dance of existence. The harmony of this perfection that is beyond expression. This is our philosophy

Pure Aromatics

We use purely aromatic plant material in our incense sticks, which means no essential oils, perfumes or chemical fragrances are ever used. Nor do we add bamboo or wood fillers to bulk out our incense. The exact composition of these fragrant masterpieces often take years to achieve. No batch can be ever the same due to the fluctuating climate. The seasonal wind ... rain ... sun, all effect growing conditions of these plants. Their appearance and fragrance derive from the unique conditions found on each rotation of the Earth. This is the beauty of natural products, that no batch can ever be the same. Each unique experience is to be savoured