HIGH SPIRITED CITRUS ~ Notes from our most Summery Blends

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There are some extraordinarily beautiful citrus notes in our natural incense sticks, that mainly come from rich ground resins & slightly astringent citrus peels. The oils within these ingredients radiate from the incense stick for the very first time, when it gently smoulders

orange peel in incense sticks

The top notes are first to explode onto the scene ~ often citrus scented, their ephemeral scents dance between worlds so fleetingly, before the deeper base notes take hold. This dance is what I adore in smouldering natural incense, a symbol of the transient nature of existence

You can experience such sensory explosion in our latest natural incense blend MONASTERY, with its encapsulation of citrus through the blend of precious resins, which contain limonene, a terpene responsible for this uplifting scent 

This scent is created only when you light each precious incense stick. So as you inspire, this primary essence, the life force of the plant, meets the olfactory system … affecting, elevating the mood faster than the blink of an eye


I love that such seductive fragrance found in smouldering this effervescent art form of incense also has a therapeutic benefit, exuding the power to immediately transform. Evoke memories & emotions. Attract & inspire

nomadic incense, mysterious blend of sacred resins that evoke the spice route of bedoin culture

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