What are the Different Types of Natural Incense ?

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Reflecting on our last post about what natural incense is beneficial for. Meditation is a term mostly often talked about, but this can mean many things … and there are many ways to do it. Many people who burn incense, do not always have to practice formally sitting in meditation. However you can apply the same principles of meditation to your daily activities - and this can be extremely powerful. Not only can it increase the quality of your focus. The quality of your work, your art, what you are focused on, also improves 

Design Evocative Mood with Natural incense
Some topics we can cover in this article
  • Which Incense to Use & which scents to choose
  • How to Design Evocative Mood in your home with Natural Scent
  • Tantalise your Senses with Plant Essence

Which Incense to Use ?

Just to clarify, the incense and scents I will discuss in this article are purely Incense made from ground natural herbs. This is due to the myriad of therapeutic qualities you can benefit from, while inhaling natural plants. They support feelings of ease, relaxation, calm - and also give you energy.

Tantalise your Senses with Plant Essence

Some plant ingredients are very stimulating to the body and brain. They have different effects, some deeply sedating, some energising, some aphrodisiac (which could also be a simple as inspiring you to feel good about yourself). You can select what mood you want to go for, by understanding the ingredients better

incense smoke burning evocative

How this happens is a complex subject. Plants contain a vast array of natural compounds, which have not even properly been analysed - or perhaps cannot even be. The structure they hold ( if they are grown well, organically without pesticides and in a lush environment) is very pure. The energetics they hold interact with our system, bringing it back into a state of health. Same as eating a satiating organic salad, or drinking pure mineral water directly at the source. Our bodies work in symbiosis with these natural substances, they tune us into a higher frequency.

Which incense scent should I choose ?

If you'd like to enhance the sensory experience in your space, you can choose different types of incense ingredients to design an evocative mood. Choose premium non-toxic incense sticks to allow plant wisdom to interact with your system. Here are some recommendations of the best natural incense blends to use in each category:

Types of Incense & their Energetic Fragrant Signature 



point lobos pure cypress woody incense

Citrusy - Resinous - Sacred 





Spicy - Mysterious - Enchanting 

nomadic, evocative incense for creating a mysterious spicy atmospheredeep lavender incense sticks


awaken aloeswood incense, timeless classic incense for meditation and tea ceremony
I hope you found this article helpful, if you have any questions, please do reach out, it's always a pleasure to discuss the art of incense
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