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Frankincense Resin Royal Green Hojari Boswellia Sacra is the absolute finest grades of frankincense resin harvested. This highly medicinal grade come from trees growing in Dhofar in the Sultanate of...



SweetGrass has been used by Native Tribes across the USA & Canada as it is thought to bring in ‘good energy’ to a space or ceremony. It has a beautiful fresh...

BLUE SAGE Sacred Scents : Atmosphere Mist


Blue Sage Atmosphere Mist, part of our Sacred Scents range. Made by hand with pure, high quality organic essential oils and a high vibration crystal. This purifying scent is blended...

Ritual Smudge Set: Sweetgrass, Palo Santo, Sage


Ritual Smudge Set (1) Peruvian XL Palo Santo Stick (Sustainably Sourced) 10ml Palo Santo Sacred Scents, Natural Perfume  50ml Palo Santo Atmosphere Mist Ritual Smudge Set (2): Sweetgrass, Palo Santo,...

PALO SANTO (Holy Wood) Sacred Scents: Natural Atmosphere Mist


Palo Santo (Holy Wood) Sacred Space Spray, made with the precious medicinal scent of pure Palo Santo essential oil. This mist is blended with complimentary organic distillations of forest barks...

ONSEN: Natural Atmosphere Mist (Hiba, Hinoki, Yuzu)


Onsen Atmosphere Mist is made with woody essential oils of Japanese Hiba wood, Japanese Hinoki Cypress and Yuzu. This trio of cleansing, refreshing oils have uplifting effects on the body...