The Best Way to Use Incense for Meditation

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When it comes to the practice of meditation, creating the perfect ambiance is essential. One way to enhance your meditation experience is by incorporating the use of incense. But how can you use incense in the best way possible to elevate your practice to new heights?

Enhance Your Environment with Natural Incense for Energy Balance.Which Incense to Use for Meditation?

Incense made from ground natural herbs, supports feelings of ease, relaxation, calm - and also gives you energy.

Smouldering beautiful aromatics purely from plants, fills the air with therapeutic essence. The aromatic fragrances that are found in natural incense awaken creativity, simply by breathing them into your body. 

What is Natural Incense Good For?

Natural Incense is known to be highly effective at calming mind, body & spirit. When inhaled, the scent molecules from the smouldering incense stick, travel by way of the olfactory nerves directly to the tissues of the brain. This especially impacts the emotional centre of the brain, the amygdala, allowing your energy to transform. You can then better tune to a higher frequency, steering clear of anxiety-inducing thoughts. The plant essence guides you towards a realm of expansive joy and liberated emotions, by relaxing the body and uplifting the mind. Facilitating a transformation away from stagnant, stressful routines.

Discover the Benefits of Natural Incense for Ultimate Relaxation

Enhance Your Environment with Natural Incense for Energy Balance.Well studied aromatics such as sandalwood, are known for powerful, calming effects. Other ingredients - certain types of resinous flower buds, special grades of healing tree resins, as well as energy filled, deep, powerful roots and fruits from medicinal plants, are also highly transformative when inhaled through the medium of smoke.
** Note: you do not need to smell the smoke directly, allow the smoke to carry scent molecules into the air, then breath in the pure scent from 1-2 meters away. 
As your body relaxes, it releases tension, giving you more energy for activities you enjoy. Your mind clears of repetitive thoughts, reducing worry and stress. This enhances your awareness of the present moment, helping you see new possibilities.
Enhance Your Meditation Practice with Natural Incense 
artisan natural incense sticks, the best incense for meditation. This image shows handmade incense holders

Worrying keeps us stuck in the past, replaying fearful scenarios that trigger stress responses. Letting go allows new possibilities to emerge, freeing the mind. 

Working with aromatherapy and natural incense, you effectively unlock your mind's potential to access infinite solutions. Breaking out of looped thinking. By embracing such inner peace  - and thus freedom from stress, you redirect your focus from fear and problems to a state of openness.

This allows the infinite possibilities of the universe to flow towards you, freeing you from the constraint of fixed outcomes. Aromatherapy is a powerful tool, try adding this simple life hack to your daily routines, lighting a stick of incense when you feel stressed and over worked. Or begin a meditation practice, to clear your mind before beginning your day.  

Which incense should I choose to meditate with?
Choose premium non-toxic incense sticks to enhance relaxation of body, mind & spirit. Here are some recommendations of the best natural incense blends to use for clarity, meditation and relieving stress. 
Read more about some of our most soothing incense blends 
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