Made with Love

"For me one of the most important ingredients in any product is Love. Integrity. Because when these are present the result will be amazing. Always. Because with love and integrity the creator will always choose the best ingredients, the best materials, the ones that are grown in harmony with nature - as Love will be the guiding principle. 
Ume Incense is such a product for me. I met Emma personally and hearing her talk about the sources of the ingredients, how important for her that they are natural and sustainable and don't harm nature, how every single one is resourced through extensive research by her, and seeing her eyes lit up - had a powerful effect on me.
I use her incense all the time now, almost always in the tea ceremonies that I hold, and for my own personal meditations too. It instantly transports me to nature and connects to the sense of the sacred. And the packaging is so amazing and is done with so much attention to detail, unwrapping it is another level of pleasure. And a meditation in itself. Highly recommended for all those who love incense made with Love. :))"
 - Lera Zujeva -  www.t-lovers.com              
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Took My Breath Away

"I just received my last package and I absolutely have to let you know that the Moya dish took my breath away, the same way that my first love did, the Wabi Sabi Mud Clay Bowl. I hope you always-always remember how special your creations are: the dishes, the incense, the holders, the boxes, the little hessian bags, absolutely everything - it is all imbued with the love, originality, creativity, style and, above all, spirituality and humanity of your team. 

I am obsessed, I honestly doubt I am able to stop until I collect one of each of your incense holders and until everyone I love receives one from me as a gift. The joy your creations bring, it cannot not be shared, especially in these messed up times. The best of luck with everything and thank you so much for it all...."

- Karina, London. UK


Sacred Gifts

 " My first order from you just arrived this afternoon, and it is so beautiful. Over the last few months, my evening routine has become a more and more sacred ritual. When I saw your offerings, I knew this was the next piece to add to my growing ritual, my growing self. As I was opening the box, and then each individually wrapped piece, I felt that this is the most generous thing I've done for myself in a long time. Both the creating of sacred ritual, and the construction of that ritual into physical form. Your incense and beautiful incense stand are beyond perfect and fitting. Thank you for creating such sacred gifts. The care that is put into the items is palpable. 🙏🏼"

- Natalie Scarborough - HI, USA


Out of This World

"Dear Emma,  I'm writing because so many of us have a tendency to send feedback when something is wrong. But I wanted to make time to give feedback about something "right". I absolutely love your Abydos incense. Also, I've just sampled the Oud and I find it out of this world"

- Rashunda Tramble

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The Purest Incense with High Energy

"I have bought quite different Incenses to try them out. Without much knowledge, I intuitively know this is the best incense. The white gentle smoke looks so pure, tranquil, serene and divine. It makes you feel very tranquil just by looking at them. While the other incenses will start with black smokes which clearly are not pure and smells can be strong too. Recently I met an Amazing Quantum Healing Master Ching-Wen Yang to ask him about the quality of these incenses without telling him the prices.  He confirms that this is the purest incense with high energy. The other brands I have bought are not worth to burn them. The bad incense will attract bad energy and good incense will attract good energy. Thank you for making such pure incense"

- Ying. Oxford,  UK 



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