Wabi~Sabi Handmade Studio Pottery: London Craft Week off schedule

Posted by Emma Leafe on

Today we are going back to black, to our original pottery style in black stoneware clay. In time for London Craft Week 2022, one of these days I will participate. My studio is a buzz with new energy as we move back into creating these purely textural, shadow black handmade incense dishes for rituals and ceremonies worldwide 

We adore the aesthetic of black stoneware, it is wabi~sabi to its core. These pieces that attract touch, show the marks of the potters fingers as they glide over the clay. We will glaze them in a way that is almost transparent, the heat of the kiln burning off much of the colour, to leave only a shimmer ... Well that is the intention, but the glazing process and also the temperament of the kiln firing are both processes that invite spontaneity, uniqueness and unpredictability 



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