Mastering Emotions & Herbal Allies

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It's been a life long journey in maintaining balance during pressurised moments. I’ve spent the last decade - maybe two, learning how to regulate my nervous system, to master the magnitude of my emotions. This is still my practice, when I feel my energy is being used, not in my advantage

Part of this journey was discovering herbal allies, such as pure sandalwood incense (known for immediate calming effects on the nervous system. Plus mental clarity, good digestion & quality sleep). Watching the elegant smoke dancing in the room, is a profound way of becoming present to the river of life force inside - a river that runs through all existence


A Simple Practice to Rebalance

To stay in healthy balance ~ and ultimately lead from the heart (not from fear), we must learn to resist the disruptive pull from society at large. To return to our centred wholeness, we can learn how to call our power back


Focus more on what you can control and less on what you can't

Notice how much power you have:

~ the power of what you say

~ what you think

~ what you read

~ what you spend your money on

~ where you spend your time ... and with who ! …

all of these seemingly small things can fundamentally change your existence, if you tap into what your heart truly desires


Pure Incense to Regulate Nervous System

My favourite herbal allies to support me, bringing me back into balance when my power centre takes a whack are high quality, natural sandalwood based incense, as this pure wood is very soothing for anxiety. Restoring a feel good quality and can regulate your nervous system instantly

First Blooms of Magnolia in the City ... have you noticed how resilient Nature is?


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