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This September I took some time to go away, just to immerse in Nature. It had been almost two years, since I left the country. In that time I found myself working more than I ever had! I know we all took travel for granted a little, but I didn't realise how much it was a part of my existence here. A portal opened up in Portugal and the Azores, so I spent the Summer planning

My main aim was to reset my brain activity by immersing myself in way of life that was far from my busy city life. Staying on organic farms, in artisan dwellings, camping in a small forest on retreat with two beautiful Peruvian Shipibo Curanderas. After this expansive activation, I took myself on a small plane across the Atlantic Ocean to the Azores Islands, which officially belong to Portugal, but have their own unique culture. I spent a week hiking on active volcanos, through lush forests, exotic plantations of plants - including the tea plant, Camellia sinensis, which has been cultivated there for over one hundred years. Bathing in hot, mineral rich, volcanic pools to heal. Even swimming with a large family of wild dolphins and some tuna out in the profound blue waters of the Atlantic 

The main image is a stunning Japanese Red Cedar tree, these are planted all over the Azores, to help with the development of their micro climate. All along this journey I serendipitously met other beings who are deeply immersed in regenerative farming and agroforestry. Working with nature to filter out damage done by industrial practices. It felt so right to be close to people who are actively planning for the Global clean up that we are all called to take part in. Spending time with an active volcano too, with the direct fury, creative force and healing power of Madre Terra, was such a privilege. Drinking fresh water straight from her mouth. Breathing in her mysterious vapour. Soaking in her hot pools of spewing iron rich waters to heal my body ... I will be unpacking these experiences and insights over the next months for certain 


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