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The art of gifting 

A practice that has been passed down to us, through the centuries. Yet in the blur of fast consumerism, the sentiment seems to have gone astray. Gifts have been given to show appreciation for someone, to mark an occasion or show someone how much we adore them. Many of our loved ones often say that they treasure the most personal of gifts, that reflect our understanding of their deepest desires  

Natural Incense a unisex natural gifting choice

Pure incense sticks are a beautiful natural gifting choice for men and women alike. Often my Dad would ask me for socks! Yet I wished I could find a meaningful gift for a man, that inspired something deeper - conscious lifestyle or self empowerment 

Gifts sets are a simple way to give and receive, that is well thought out. The selected premium natural incense and beautiful handmade incense holders inside, are a meaningful way to share not only your interests but also inspire. The fragrances are transforming, evocative and useful to create a sacred space during the holidays

Venusian gift set, natural incense sticks for conscious gifting

Ways to calm Mental health during the holidays

During this season people often comment on the mental health aspects of Christmas ... as our high quality incense is made with pure stress relieving plants, that instantly calm the mind, body and spirt ... they are essential tools in creating an inviting mood in your home space. Or a silent space of contemplation. As well as relaxing your guests as they gather before and after the meal. Incense can transform cooking smells into a sweeter fragrance too! Our natural incense Nomadic is perfect for this! 

Have a browse through our Calming, Relaxing, Soothing Scents

Frankincense association with holiday rituals

Frankincense has been a traditional scent that often marks Christmas time, hanukah and Arabic holidays. As incense is central to all sacred rituals the World over - for thousands of years Frankincense has been one of the most precious, sought after natural fragrance materials on Earth. Its value was once on par with Gold, due to its rarity and distance travelled. Our pure frankincense incense sticks, Abydos fill the air with the most incredible, uplifting lemony, deeply affecting scent. It would rapidly add cheer to any situation, as frankincense is able to transform the mood instantly. This is due to various compounds in the resin that communicate directly with our olfactory system

Please do reach out if you would like help selecting yourself or a loved one a gift. Or if you would like help in selecting the best fragrance for ambience. It would be a pleasure to invite you deeper into this sensory journey

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