INCENSE FOR THE GODS ~ Natural Aromatics from Ancient Technology

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Ancient Aromatics

Earliest texts documented the use of ancient aromatics as a tool to worship gods through incense: the Latin phrase per fumum, literally meaning ‘through the smoke’. Thousands of years ago, incense was the only perfume known - aromatics in the form of fragrant smoke: Scented woods, gums and resins, derived from the plant kingdom, were burnt to release their precious fragrance: myrrh, frankincense, galbanum, benzoin. The Romans favoured opoponax and Aztecs in the Americas, copal amongst others

History & Ceremony

Today the deeply affecting scent of Frankincense is synonymous with temples. Where priests ceremonially smoulder its tears inside elaborate incense burners. Frankincense is native to a handful of countries, so obtaining it from the East has historically been costly. Once carried on the famous camel caravans, though mountains, deserts and along costal paths for trade - its value, on par with gold, worth the long journey. Frankincense and myrrh are synonymous gifts of the Magi – gold, frankincense and myrrh. During this time of year this spellbinding natural scent still evokes mystery and magic

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