The Vernal Equinox, a time of fertility and rebirth

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The Vernal Equinox, a time of fertility and rebirth across the lands

The Goddess has many names, yet some are more resounding at certain points in the wheel of the year

The Germanic Goddess of the Spring dawn, Ostara - seen by our ancestors as a youthful maiden dressed in white, beautifully represents this time. Yet, experience the yin~yang balance of dark & light, subtly reflected in Nature. At this time, the perfect equilibrium between our daylight and dark hours can be seen. This hidden aspect, is especially potent to observe. Similar to the story of Isis and Osiris, where Isis dives deep into the underworld, to retrieve the scattered parts of her love, Osiris. Gathering the fragmented pieces and bringing them back into wholeness. The resurrection.

Ostara also symbolises such renewal, balance and resurrection. A well known mythical current, that washes pure waters, throughout so many cultures on Earth in Spring time


night bloom, magnolia blossoms, seen in trees, London. Photograph by Emma Leafe

Warrior Archetype & the Blossom

Interestingly, it is the softest, most delicate petals, that bloom first. Reminding of the Warrior archetype, that is also threaded through this time of resurrection. This delicate blossom reflects the strength and courage it takes to fully step into your power and share your gifts with the World. Ostara, the Vernal Equinox and this mid-point of Spring, is a time to harness this energy radiating from the nature that surrounds and supports us

Yin, Delicate, Natural Incense for renewal rituals 
ostara natural incense: sandalwood and magnolia flowers

Our precious blend of holy pure sandalwood and crushed magnolia blossom, also carries the name Ostara. This divine natural incense, embodies such awakening. The freshness felt at Dawn, the crispness of nature waking up again. Sharing the soft natural perfume of all that has been germinated underground - now beginning to burst forth with yin floral energy ... which we will see more and more of, as other plants get braver

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