Beltane visit to The Bach Centre

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On the eve of Beltane, an ancient marker of the first day of Summer here in the British Isles, I had the great fortune of visiting the renowned Bach Centre. Dr Bach lived and worked here, developing the very first flower remedies, that would later become a popular the World over
the bach centre oxford - picture of the cottageSome of my own Earth initiation story is rooted in such concepts, as my mother, a keen homeopath, healed my childhood illness with herblore of the poison plants in homeopathic does. Dr Bach was not surprisingly a homeopath (he had the very same book my mother had, on his preserved bookshelf upon my visit). He was also a writer of energetic principles: he saw that the key, to healing much of the sickness people endured, was by actually seeking out and treating its root cause -  not just treating the symptoms.  This is quite an Eastern perspective and progressive for the time. Surprising to also learn, he was a British medical doctor and bacteriologist, with a previous practice on Harley Street and the hospitals of London. So he could clearly bridge the two worlds beautifully. 

Flower remedies & Natural Incense


book on wild flowersThere is so much resonance between flower remedies and natural incense, as they are both working on the subtle body. They realign the frequency of our whole being, with the high frequency of flowers and plant life. 
There is so much to say, but it felt so encouraging to see the place he started his 'cottage business', which ran successfully from there until only fairly recently. They have sinced moved production to a larger space in Oxford 


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