Aesthetics of Wabi Sabi

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Traditional arts of the Orient seem endlessly evocative in their simplicity. Wabi Sabi is such a concept that has captured the imagination of many, who are sensitive enough to appreciate its understated beauty. Echoing around the planet from Japan, where Zen tea masters began to revere Korean-ware, made unpretentiously for every day use, to represent their highest values

Such haunting beauty in shadow and light play. Outstanding in its realness. Unaffected by the game of wealth and status - Wabi Sabi - depth in imperfection. Where each character flaw represents a story. It has nothing to hide, nor awareness of such vanity. Reflecting transformative light from beyond; onto the subtle beauty of 'imperfect' everyday existence on Earth

Silent Existence ~ Mysterious Force of Yin 

Ghost marks of an untitled 'master potter' unbeknownst how: a timely finger print, an instinctual sweep of a brush loaded with uncomplicated glaze - unconsciously stroked; could affect another being so deeply. To touch the soul of something so ordinary, yet utterly extraordinary. The often overlooked essence of simply being alive

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Wabi Sabi is a term that some creatives aspire to achieve - yet in the very striving, miss the point. As Wabi Sabi is not something that is thought out. Deliberately made askew. Rather its purity springs forth from the unconscious. Free from the conflict between what is considered beautiful ... or ugly

There is a certain roughness involved in wabi sabi, yet behind it lurks a hidden quality of rare handsomeness. Someone you would love to get to know and sit beside. Embodying not the manicured or manufactured ... but an essence that knows itself so deeply, as to create a portal into the depths of all that matters. To reflect in you, what you have been missing. That lost piece to make light of a black hole felt inside. Beyond the illusory passage of time: cycles of life, death, rebirth - reveal the eternal. Wabi Sabi shows itself, sometimes, in the most unlikely places 



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