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The Metal Element relates to Autumn, at this time the sap that is the life force of the plant, withdraws from its leaves and branches. Drawing it underground, to store in the roots, keeping the potency alive during the Winter months

This process is one of purification, of letting go and refining. The elimination process may be difficult, painful even ... but metal is an especially strong element because of it

Metal is closely entwined with the mineral kingdom, sharing both its hardness and reflective quality. It precisely severs, strips away impurities, with a fine sword. Concentrating the vital essence which is left ... by cutting away anything that no longer serves

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AUTUMN Yin Rising 

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The yin yang balance, becomes glaringly obvious now in this transition season. After the expansiveness of the Wood & Fire seasons, further held in mediation between states, that the containing Earth Element provides. Yin now rapidly rises - the mysterious counter force

As nature shows signs of contraction, shedding and quieting, the Yang of light, gives way to a cloak of Yin darkness. Traditionally this is a time our ancestors would be storing foods: preserving, salting and drying, in order to have sustenance for the Winter. Animals gorge on highly nourishing fats, to see them through the long, cold darkness

Both the decay of fallen plant material, along with the contraction of sap being drawn into the earth: Autumn - governed in Traditional Oriental Medicine by the Metal Element - begins the refining process. This makes the soils much richer, after the winter frost and rains have washed away impurities

Wounded: Internal Scars become Visible 

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Notice how over grazing and farming leaves behind a depleted land. So dryness, seen on the skin of the body ... emotionally ... and on the surface of the land, indicates a lack of fluids/ nutriment; the essence has been removed along with impurities 

Many people are wounded in the aspect of spirit, as we age these feelings may even intensify, as that wily seed has been left to grow. Still lacking the self-tending-to, it has been silently screaming for, now gone awry. Feelings of utter emptiness at the accumulation of material goods. Or being unworthy, a result of deep, unprocessed childhood trauma, still silently running the show. Many seek phycological council, in order to recover their sense of wholeness

Rituals : Smoke, Fire & Prayer

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Rituals can offer stability, in building a foundation of healthy self mothering. Helping to peel away the layers: uncovering sadness, anger or distrust. Allowing them to be sat with ~ listened to without judgement. Turning the light within, instead of seeking external help, is a powerful life hack to cultivate and practice  ... again and again. Malkutha D'Shemaya - Aramaic for 'the kingdom of heaven lies within'

Rituals can help to purify out-of-alignment thoughts and give space for gentle reprogramming. This can also be called practicing 'mind hygiene', or self discipline in martial arts. For we will ALL be challenged. Inspired by the martial artist, we can practice strength of mind. Gather yourself, draw in your power, like the tree shedding leaves in order to pull its energy down into the roots. Mind kung fu ...  kung fu meaning mastery. Allowing these thoughts to pass right through, not clinging to them or making them our own

Shamanic Mind Training

Shamans explain that thoughts move through our collective consciousness, like the wind in the air. As powerful receptors, our human brains detect and read these energies. However it is a shamans' practice to transmute such energies. Read a book, light a stick of natural incense. Play an instrument ... Sing. Learn to dance with these negative energies. Instead of being battered down, realising what is important for your life - pick yourself up ... what do you need to let go of? Create a new mantra ... hard and seemingly against the flow of comforting negativity and self pity I know ... but realising this is the work you must do, for the healing of our collective 

Body Soul Purification

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Purification can come through diet, through the fragrant smoke of incense, or the flame of candle light. Through bathing, baptism or simply through prayer. Water is the child of metal and can wrap around metals' sharp sword unscathed. Water helps distil experiences, from the grief of letting go, into the wisdom of not clinging to what has passed. Water is the symbol of the deep Winter season 

Metal reminds us to remain present to the dark void that opens up; yet don't be in a rush to refill just yet. Enjoy the lightness that dropping old baggage presents. Feel what it's like to face this chasm of the unknown, the uncreated. Light a candle, this small flame in the darkness is you, the creator 

Alone time is vital, to get to understand the trickery of the mind ... don't let it fool you into believing its thoughts ... create mindfully, keep exploring possibilities. Get to know your newly stripped bare self. One foot in front of the other ... 
The soul of the Metal Element is Wisdom ... the treasure hidden deep, at the base of every hardship 

Enjoy the Autumn my friends ~ and do remember to reach out to support your brothers and sisters, on this journey through life X

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