Sacred Scents and Internal Arts

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A practice I love to do, also find myself spontaneously doing without thought, is to combine deeply precious anointing oils like Holy Wood (Palo Santo) with simple acupressure massage

🪬 What is known as the Lao Gong point in (worked with in Qi Gong, Chinese Medicine, as an acupressure meridian point) is located in a shallow cavity at the centre of the palm ... you can feel for the little dip ... it might fee a little tender 

 lao gong acupressure point massage

Lao Gong Point Massage with Sacred Scents Oil

Here is a little practice you might like to do, when you want to soothe yourself, or turn on your chi energy for healing massage. Or even to imbue your crafts with heart-based energy 

🧿 Close your eyes and rub the palms of your hand together, until you feel warmth

🧿 Roll onto the Lao Gong a little pure plant essence, in this case Palo Santo sacred scents oil - made with elevating organic essences and oils

🧿 Gently circular massage this tender point with your thumb a few times, on each hand - press as hard or soft as feels good

🧿 When done, lift palms to your face washing the eyes clear with this warm energy. Then slide your palms down a little to inhale deeply this profound, medicinal scent

Uses of Sacred Scents with Healing Massage 

🧿 Energising the Lao Gong with scent like this can help alleviate tensions in the head, the heart. Lift the spirit if it has dulled somewhat. It also invigorated the energy channel from the heart, which runs down into your hands

🧿 Turning on this energy line, which runs down the arms from the heart - can then radiate healing energy, or qi, out from the palms. This is what some people call a healing warm energy, which you can transfer to your art, crafts, self massage or pet massage or healing conscious touch of any kind. The sacred oil of Palo Santo clearing away any stuck or lower frequency energy from your system. Lifting your mood out of denser states - if you intend it to ... 

Learn more about Palo Santo, Pulse Point Oil - part of our Sacred Scents Oils

 palo santo sacred scents pule point oil, organic

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