FIRE divinity, transformation and passion

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Fire is a symbol of divinity, of transformation and of passion. It has been the predominant force of nature in most of the World's mythologies for thousands of years 

Fire - the power of Gods: A perhaps unrecognised natural technology given to mankind, which revolutionised our lives in every way. As in those legendary stories of God speaking through the burning bush - and lightning accompanying visions, prophesies throughout time. Fire has been synonymous with the presence of God. Also with purification in the destruction / resurrection cycle ... the phoenix rising from the flames


Helius god of the sun, Athenian red-figure krater C5th B.C., British Museum

High Summer, when I am writing this post, is coming up to the peak of the Fire season in Chinese Five Element Theory. The Summer Solstice, which falls each year on the 21st June, being the standing still point of the Sun at its optimal zenith

I adore this time of year, the lighter nights making each day stretch out for us to enjoy the full yang of what has been created through the Spring. Moving towards the ripening, maturing of what has been grown this year. However you might feel some health concerns rising up, even though you convince yourself that you 'should' be feeling a certain way now it's Summer. Tiredness is common, as there is a tendency to over do it, also more mental activity zaps additional battery life from the body. So you might be sleepy sometimes in the afternoon.

Water is a great cure for all ills, so do make sure you stay hydrated. Eating a varied diet of light and bright fruits and vegetables is good at this time of year - not too much heavy meats, oils and dairy if the heat is in excess. Cooling foods containing a lot of water are good - but it's interesting to note Chinese medicine never advocates the drinking or eating of frozen/ over chilled foods. As such temperatures cause the stomach to create more fire to break down the foods, which in turn damages digestion

ume incense, ume collection, emma leafe
ume incense, ume collection, emma leafe
ume incense, ume collection, emma leafe, the best incense sticks for meditation

If you work with the Wheel of the Year like this, you can reflect on your own metaphorical seeds sown during those long hibernations -  in the cool, dark periods of Winter. When dreams had in those twilight hours, have the potential to ripen now into what you desire for your life - if you in'tend' them to. Of course not everything can be grown in one season, some things take time. You can look at it as trial and error, if the seeds have grown a little wonky. All is learning and an opportunity to refine and grow ... enquiring: what can be done differently next time? The forever student of your own life

ume incense, ume collection, emma leafe
ume incense, ume collection, emma leafe
ume incense, ume collection, emma leafe, the best natural incense for mediation

A couple of gorgeous scents that balance out the yang of high Summer. ULURU, named after that glowing red, orange and purple mountain in the Australian bush. Warming in nature, with grounding, rootedness -  but also cooling, calming in the balmy spiced vanillin fragrance. 

NOMADIC is lovely in Summer too; this is our most potent blend, as it contains deep earthy roots of traditional medicine, which add that Oriental curvature. Yet there is also something fruity and alive in this natural incense ... gently stimulating the senses, if the heat has absorbed too much for you.

You can explore both fragrances in our FIRE SET. The sets are something I enjoy making, currently I am expanding on each one, so each element will only be available during that season. This is to allow freshness and spontaneity to be embedded. However, as always I am here, if you want anything bespoke - perhaps for someone living on the other-side fo the World 


If you want to dive deeper into 5-element theory, I recommend the book Wood Becomes Water, by Gail Reichstein. I read this practically every season to refresh my memory and align with the current




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