EARTH the mother of life ... 5-Element cycle

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We enter the element of Earth, the mother of life. The matrix that contains, allows and supports all living processes ... Earth is the balancing point of the 5-element cycle in oriental medicine, the element that equally distributes both yin and yang 

THE EARTH element corresponds to late summer - a time of transition between each season. The days between Solstice & Equinox ... day and night in almost equal measure ... yet slowly deepening, ripening, along with the bounty of harvest

VIRGO, the Great Goddess - her constellation now in the sky over head. The only female in the astrological calendar, she makes a powerful fertility Goddess, that even the patriarch dare not banish. She is often depicted holding a sheaf of corn in her hand -  signifying abundance in harvest. Virgo is linked to the concept of service and daily ritual, so it's a good time to return to healthy, grounded routines to support

CLAY reflects the force of the mother Earth - the container.
Clay epitomising many of Earth's functions. The Earth element holds space allowing manifestations to peculate. In her moist form she can be sculpted into art and vessels ... be turned to stone by fire ... be worshipped as the primary source from which life springs forth ... as the giver and the receiver 


Venus of Willendorf

Paleolithic art blossomed in the early stone age. Some of the oldest statuettes known as 'Venus figurines' have been found in Israel, Syria, Morocco, with the highest quantity being found across Western Europe - such as this one, found in the village Willendorf in Austria. Paleoanthropologists theorise these figures symbolise fertility, or be early devotional icons - although the actual meaning is lost. Reminiscent of the Sheelagh Na Gig icons, that were mysteriously wiped out of existence in all but a few in the British Isles and beyond. For our ancestors, the divine feminine was the Earth itself - here she is in her clay sculpted body


During this season, embodying the element of Earth - if we eat nourishing foods, we will have the nourishment to repair the cells and tissues of our bodies. However ... if we fill it with junk, this refuse will be all that we have, to put things back together ... Unhealthy eating habits weaken the stomach and spleen, which can in turn create disorder and then disease in the body. Cold and raw foods weaken digestive fire ... better to support ourselves by gently warming foods, our bodies, our relations with natural sweetness 

SELF CARE Earth Element Set 

NATURAL INCENSE      We've put together a set to inspire self nourishment, with a bespoke duo of yin and yang fragrance: Medicine ( a unique blend of 20 Oriental herbs) and Uluru (precious sandalwood roots) - a combination of warm, spicy and meditative, soft

earth element natural incense set
BODY WORK TOOLS      Abhyanga self massage, is a beautiful practice to make a daily habit. According to the ancient natural medicine school of ayurveda, cured seasame oil is most nourishing to work into the skin. We cure it before bottling by slowly and gently heating it to one hundred degrees before we bottle it. This increases the potency of the oil, so it can penetrate the layers of the skin deeper.  Plus we have added two jade or black obsidian mushroom massagers, to give deeper sensation to your body work. Use the edges to sweep up and into the tissues. The dome shaped top, can be used in a circular motion, for calming delicate areas around the eyes

NAURAL POTTERY      We have introduced an eye catching red terracotta chalice into the set. Such simple beauty, to call in the Earth element. Catch the ash of your natural incense, then offer what remains back to the earth for further transmutation and healing. Offering the ash back to Nature is a powerful way of fully honouring the process of healing. Of your prayers. Thank what has held you in suffering for the lessons it taught you ... before lovingly letting that energy go; back into the great womb of Mother Earth 


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