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By :Emma Leafe 0 comments
Daily life seems too often just another chance at the race to ‘be’ something or someone. So much stimulation and a feeling of never being enough … not a thought spared in gratitude of where we are now.


Acceptance of the way things are is the first step in creating a beautiful life. Transforming your daily routines, that may have on the surface seemed mundane, can turn into a sensual, heart felt, present honouring of your existence. You can start to do this by first becoming present with the physical world
  • How you feel
  • Your body
  • Your breath
  • Your energy
  • How your presence emits frequency around you


Turn your daily routine into an opportunity to become present with the beauty of ordinary life … Here on my relaxing break away from my routine, I lit a stick of natural incense at dawn and sat gazing at the sun rise over the ocean, whilst sipping espresso and marvelling at the beauty of this creation, Nature.


However with this same epic feeling, you could simply transform your morning tea or coffee into a daily ritual. By becoming grateful of every step of making it … really honour how that coffee arrived in your hand, think of all the hands it passed through … The jar, the quality and design of the label. The factory that processed those beans for you. The farmer. The sun, rain, insects, bees. The wind that all helps to create this one little bean that might have travelled thousands of miles … The taste of this epic journey finally on your lips … what a beautiful meditation, you have just un-numbed yourself to fully experience what it feels like to live life on this planet, as a human being with something so simple and everyday. No need to go anywhere … it’s all right here …
Tags : meditation
categories : Journal

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