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I thought to post something about how to create an alter or a sacred space for yourself, so you can see an example of how easy and pleasurable it can be. Yesterday I spontaneously took everything off my alter to refresh (which is just a little place I made for myself on top of my drawers and by my bed) a place I get dressed every day, practice yoga and meditation and keep my books below, of self study (life path, journaling, manifestation, shadow work, pulling cards, even learning healthy new ways of eating) that I’m doing at least an hour every day


This is my current arrangement:
  • Wooden Buddha (my great aunts)
  • Handmade ceramics
  • A few types of botanical incense (here I have Abydos & Monreale, as well as California White Sage)
  • Crystals, shells and rocks 
  • Shungite pyramid 
  • Blessed beads & Jade
  • Frieda coaster 
  • Beeswax candle
  • Home made dream mist 
  • Homemade thieves oil
  • Hand loomed Berber rug
You can make an ‘alter’ in a place in your space that you can keep just for you. Perhaps a place where you meditate, do yoga, beautify yourself ... I’d love to see your alter spaces - please do share any inspirations you have

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