Best Incense & Herbs for Balancing Emotions

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Herbs that benefit psychology and mental health

It’s been a personal journey for most of my life to explore natural healing to support my body through life changes. With the recent resurgence of plant medicines of all types, I’ve been able to add greater clarity to my experience

Sometimes it was the unavailability of prescription drugs that lead me to search for what else could help me


Pure Incense Blends for Mental Health


Styrax Benzoin is an effective herb that can ease the all consuming feelings of anxiety. The shortness of breath, restricted breathing and sometimes strong panic attacks that can accompany this emotion, all affect the lungs.

In Chinese medicine the lungs are where we store sadness, grief and anxiety and Benzoin acts deeply with this organ of the body. This is why Benzoin can be so effective for softening the deep layers of emotional pain that can sometimes be the root to anxiety

Benzoin can be found in our pure incense sticks named Monreale … this scent smells simply divine, like warm vanilla, with a pinch of subtle spice. Also quite aphrodisiac, which can shift a panic mood, into a more warm, flowing, connected way of being. Similar relief can be found in the cool balmy notes of pure Sandalwood (our scent Uluru) and in the magical wood of Oud or aloeswood (our scent Awaken)

All of our incense contains the actual aromatic woods and herbs you need to benefit you. There are no oils or chemicals. The scent you breathe in, is newly created from the source as the incense stick smoulders. However please ensure you don't breathe in the smoke, just allow the scent to mix with air, approx. 1-2 meters away


Concerns about the side effects of many antidepressant prescriptions have led many to again seek for alternatives. Mental health research now supports the efficacy of herbs with a variety of mental illness symptoms. Incense although a subtle medicine is often one of those beautiful over looked practices, that can transform your environment ... from stagnant to magical …. very quickly

Herbs that can alleviate depression are Sandalwood, Lavender, Cypress … these are all scents that can uplift the spirit … often you might notice they have a citrusy or woodsy note

Sadness & Grief

Depression can be felt in the heart, as sadness or grief. Even a malaise which perhaps could go un-noted can be a sign of drifting away from your light. Incense containing uplifting herbs can help create a sacred space for you to feel your feelings. To allow them to be there. Tap into the medicine of gentle, yet heavy mood. What has it got to show you?

Watch, as the smoke expands and rises up through the air in front of you. So to can particles of your emotional sadness, be carried away. Allow your body to detoxify from sadness, its natural state is joy, so allow those feelings to pass without clinging to painful thoughts. Focus on the moment - where are you now? How can you care for yourself ?

Our incense names Uluru, Inner Bloom & Point Lobos are all recommended for your self care practice

Anger & Frustration

Again I would look to herbal blends that calm you down and bring you back into your body. Often frustration is a mental process involving intrusive cycling thoughts and a narrow perspective of what life should or could look like. 

Effective herbs that reduce those explosive feelings of anger and hot irritating frustrations are Sandalwood and Magnolia Bark. These aromatic barks are great for easing tension. They can be cooling on the system, which is helpful to support you in hot moments of anger or for hormonal changes such as menopause. Another scent that can have a profound effect shifting emotions is Oud/ aloeswood. This precious wood has a cooling, softening effects, as well as being slightly psychotropic, which can allow you to transmute the energy. Lifting you to higher states of awareness. 

Falling asleep under a tree does it every time for me. The positive ions that you exchange with the Earth's negative ions, allows rage to melt away. I also had confirmation from running water and trees, that anger, hurt, pain are such potent energy, that these plants can draw on this for their own potency, transmuting the negative charge into positive. In exchange these natural beings give back their calming state, that we so need in these times

Reach out if you would like to ask any more questions

Here with you

Emma X 

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