SPIRIT & SMOKE (PT 1) Incense and it's transformational qualities

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Smoke is a transition between the physical and etheric realms, guiding the spirit upwards, towards the cosmos. The invisible fragrance that permeates the air … filling space for hours with its divine pure aroma. A vibration, that is felt across the realms Incense ‘begins’ its journey for us today at the stage of the growing plant. Many aspects of the plant or tree are gathered for incense and herbal medicine making. Roots, stems, buds, flowers, bark, leaves, heartwood, sap or resin


Let us first consider the root nestled in layers of earth. Reaching out into the darkness to draw out nutrients from the soil. Shooting this energy upwards to feed stem, trunk, leaf and bud. Holding the plant firm with its spread out arms, as the branches sway in wind and rain. Nurturing buds into delicate flowers to attract insects, which in turn help to create the juicy fruit, berries and nuts ... how wonderful the magical plant kingdom offer these gifts to all of life

This very contemplation can give an idea to what energetic, or medicinal qualities of each type of herb (roots, buds, bark) may hold


To Ground & Nourish (roots)

Protect & Calm (bark)

Attract & Spread Life Force (buds, seeds and berries)

To Purify & Heal (saps, resin)


As the incense maker we gather these elements, which have seen already a full life. Before grinding the pieces down to again create something new. Its next life

The Sacred Resides Inside

Incense is a special preparation, that is sometimes over looked. However once you are reintroduced to pure, natural quality incense sticks, the type that is made from the primary source plant material ... the affects can be softly potent on your emotional state. Incense for me is a profound energy medicine, capable of instantly transforming moods. Uplifting energy in a space and focusing the mind back to the sacred palace inside

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