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Try our sample pouch of natural incense: the set contains a small vial sample of each scent, in our current incense range. A great way to experience the full offering, as a cute gift, or as an addition to a ceramic incense burner

Each Pack Contains

🌀 Cotton Drawstring Pouch
🌀 5cm Glass Vials of Each Current Scent in range
🌀 Vials contain 3-5 sticks sample size (5cm) of each scent

** Not a replacement for full product **

We use only precious barks, herbs, seeds & resins in our incense sticks
100% aromatic plants, vegan, ethically sourced
Free from synthetic ingredients, fillers, bamboo core, charcoal or essential oils

How To Light Incense

To begin: Light the very tip of stick only, wait for a few seconds before wafting out the flame
Place delicately in a holder and leave to gently smoulder, filling your space with pure plant essence