EARTH ELEMENT Natural Incense Set

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Stone Black Obsidian

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EARTH ELEMENT Natural Incense Set for late Summer, aligned with the 5-Element system of Oriental Medicine. 

Your body is a child of this Earth - of this Universe, birthed of star dust ...  at this point of the cycle, we offer to you, tools to practice self nourishment. So you may share your best self with your family, loved ones and out into the wider world  ... abhyanga self massage oil, obsidian massage tools, a bespoke combination of balancing incense and a terra earth incense chalice to honour our great Mother 

🌀 Bespoke Incense - two scents 10cm sticks :
~ Uluru (Australian Sandalwood Roots) 25 sticks
Medicine (Oriental Medicine Blend) 25 sticks
🌀 Organic Sesame Oil, 100ml
🌀 Two Black Obsidian Mushroom Massagers (or Jade)
🌀 Terra-Earth Incense Dish & Metallic Dome Holder (Wheel thrown)
🌀 Calligraphy Print of Earth element. Drawn in Japanese Kanji, by Eric Zen in Osaka


traditional arts

Ume breathe life into ancient practices, that we have uncovered on our journey here on Earth. Keeping alive knowledge of traditional arts: interwoven with the skill of hand making; working with the beauty of natural materials & refining practices that can be adpoted to honour the divine

ancient wisdom

Ever-evolving: practices, arts, recipies, ways, philisophies - that have been passed down by word of mouth for thousands upons thousands of years. Human cosmic wisdom etched into stone; clay. Encapsulated within resin. Stored in the ethers. Wisdom that gradually unfurles inside each one of us, as we devote ourselves deeper and deeper onto the lesser trodden path