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Californian White Sage a traditional Native American herb, harvested, dried and tied into bundles

🌀 Wild crafted with permission by family businesses in the Southern California Mountains
🌀 Size & string type varies slightly as handmade, approx 13cm L x 3.5cm W

Honouring the Native tradition of blessing with this magical, medicinal plant. An energy purification practice that, after much turmoil, is very much still alive. Having shared its cleansing knowledge with peoples of every creed far and wide

Begin your blessing for another being by connecting with their eyes for a moment to greet them. Start your energy purification by fanning the fragrant smoke first at their heart centre, then up the right side of the person's head, moving around clockwise, whilst gently washing them with the smoke.

The Natives highly value this sacred plant, California White Sage, as its scent molecules and chemistry have a particularly powerful clearing affect on the body, mind, spirit. Transmuting lower frequencies instantaneously. You may experience a 'dropping in' to the present moment, a letting go of baggage, or that which limits the lightness of being

    traditional arts

    Ume breathe life into ancient practices, that we have uncovered on our journey here on Earth. Keeping alive knowledge of traditional arts: interwoven with the skill of hand making; working with the beauty of natural materials & refining practices that can be adpoted to honour the divine

    ancient wisdom

    Ever-evolving: practices, arts, recipies, ways, philisophies - that have been passed down by word of mouth for thousands upons thousands of years. Human cosmic wisdom etched into stone; clay. Encapsulated within resin. Stored in the ethers. Wisdom that gradually unfurles inside each one of us, as we devote ourselves deeper and deeper onto the lesser trodden path