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Tea Ceremony, premium quality Incense Sticks

Tea Ceremony, premium quality Incense Sticks

What is the best incense for Chadao Tea Ceremony?

Premium grades of natural Incense Sticks for Tea

For Chadao Tea Ceremony, premium quality Incense Sticks, which suit the delicacy of the art of tea are often hard to find. An age old classic is aloeswood (Aquilaria) otherwise known as oud or agarwood, pairs excellently with many types of camellia sinensis tea. Ume have made a pure aloeswood high grade incense for tea ceremony called Awaken. A cultivated precious resinous oud wood, from well managed forests in Vietnam. We don't use filers, perfumes or chemicals. This pure, non-toxic aloeswood has a beautiful refined, purely natural scent - as well as an elegant dancing cloud, which adds to the depth and beauty of the rituals in tea space, that you so lovingly devote yourself to 

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best incense for tea ceremony aloeswood, oud
high grade incense sticks  

Tea, camellia sinensis was discovered as early as 5000 years ago. Legend has it that Chinese emperor Shennong, also founder of Chinese medicine, was resting under the shade of a Camellia sinensis tree when a few leaves fatefully dropped off the branches into his boiling water. This type of encounter with nature is how a huge body of collected knowledge has been derived and collated in the first examples of materia medica. Documenting the therapeutic properties of natural substances, including pure traditional incense, used for healing. These medicinal, therapeutic and scented discoveries were often by chance, necessity or word of mouth so called 'folk medicine' 

Tea & Incense, Friends Since Ancient Times

Over time the art of tea and ceremony Chadao was developed, alongside other arts like the art of incense. Although incense has its own ceremony, when holding specifically a tea ceremony, tea is at the centre stage. Chajin, tea folk, do not want to over power the delicacy of the precious tea with incense, so are very selective over the high grade incense sticks that they may carefully select and smoulder in the tea space

Incense is an Art Form

In Chadoa tea ceremony, if you do decide to select a high grade incense for your cha xi, you might be interested to learn of the most elegant cloud, that we have specifically made our pure oud, aloeswood incense sticks to create. This dancing cloud will bring movement into the ethers. She will dance for you, she will move with you, aligned with your movement. She will offer her body to you and leave only the sacred ash as a memory to lovingly offer back to nature

the best pure incense sticks for chadao tea ceremony aloeswood, agarwood, oud
natural incense sticks for chadao tea ceremony aloeswood oud, pure

Aloeswood, Agarwood, Oud Incense Sticks for Chadao

The ancients favoured to buy aloeswood pure incense sticks and chips, which at the time would have been found in the wild. These days however, wild aloeswood is almost impossible to find. Much of the sinking grade is so rare and mostly illegal to trade, that anyone who says they have it for sale, you should likely think twice before handing over any money. As with many precious materials, wild aloeswood can be faked, so buying from a highly trusted source is necessary

Wild Agarwood v's Cultivated

Although we can source wild aloeswood and adore the sentiment of it being produced by insects, wind, rain or a lightning strike (which wounds the tree to allow the sacred sap to permeate the wood) we have decided to source only the cultivated variety of aloeswood or oud for the moment, so the forest has a chance to recover. Also it helps to stop illegal logging, so we can learn how to preserve this precious species of tree which is imperative at this time. We took our time to source well our aloeswood. The profound scent of our selection of this precious incense, I think you will agree, is out of this world 

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natural incense sticks for chadao tea ceremony gentle