Our Ethical Palo Santo Sources

Palo Santo (Bursera Graveolens)

Palo Santo oil is renowned for its magical, deep scent and its profound healing capabilities. The essential oil is rich in limonene, a powerful antioxidant. Palo Santo (or Holy Wood) has long been worshiped by indigenous cultures for its spiritual purifying properties. Part of the Burseraceae family of trees/ shrubs - or incense trees. These include Palo Santo, Frankincense and Myrrh, which are characterised by the resin they produce and the distinctive aromatic bark

Over Harvesting 

The positive side of this woods popularity, is in the replanting of new forest on previously dry land. The demand for this precious oil sees this pioneering community educating locals in ethical harvest and production. So to provide a non-harming source of Palo Santo, serving the demand for now and for future generations


Our Palo Santo oil is distilled by an artisanal community on the Pacific Coast of Ecuador, dedicated to sustainability and reforestation of this precious tree. They their decades long ethical practice is certified by MAGAP. We also source from a Peruvian regenerative harvesting supplier for wood and sticks, that is certified by SERFOR 

They are transparent in their regenerative harvest models, of gathering only the deadwood fallen branches and trunks, with no live trees ever being cut. Fallen branches lay on the ground at least 2 years before the oils and resins are mature enough to process. Only then pieces of the wood are then distilled to make essential oil, or cut into small sticks to make incense


Place a couple of drops in your palm, or on your pulse points to connect with this magical oil. Inhale to inspire the distinctly calming, settling and grounding properties of this precious oil. Palo Santo is among the best oils for spiritual atonement. It has an emotionally elevating and balancing effect, so can be a wonderful plant ally for your healing rituals and ceremonies



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