Natural Incense Sticks, Eco Conscious Fragrance

Meditation, premium natural incense sticks are a wonderful fragrant offering for your daily rituals and ceremonies. Pure, natural incense sticks, are the highest quality natural fragrance you can buy to scent your space for meditation. Our incense sticks are made pure of the ground plant material, meaning they are chemical free and non-toxic

Eco conscious, natural incense sticks are made with: pure, natural herbs, precious woods, sacred resins, which are relaxing, reviving and align you with your true nature. They are ancient aromatherapy. Vegan, natural incense sticks contain refined ingredients. We select pure ethically sourced and plant-based materials for our natural fragrances

Sacred, premium natural incense sticks have been lit as temple offerings for thousands of years. Pure, natural incense such as sandalwood, frankincense, aloeswood or oud have all been highly prized for their therapeutic qualities. Allowing the body, mind and spirit to harmonise and achieve higher states of consciousness

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meditation, natural incense sticks, high quality sandalwood, magnolia
natural incense sticks pure Australian sandalwood
vegan, natural incense sticks, high quality sandalwood, lavender
Sacred, natural incense sticks, styrax benzoin the best for meditation
Sacred, natural incense sticks, temple offerings, pure aloeswood incense stick for tea ceremony
pure cypress incense sticks for purification rituals

Natural Incense Sticks

Incense Sticks : Pure, Natural & best for Meditation

Natural incense sticks are the best incense for meditation, ceremonies and rituals, as they contain only the primary pure plant fragrance. When you meditate or practice energy arts, naturally scenting the space with natural incense sticks can be deeply transporting. Natural incense sticks are very therapeutic, as they are made with pure plant material. They have the ability to calm you down instantly, as the scent goes directly into the system via your airways, making it most effective at reducing anxiety. Ume only use pure plant materials in our incense sticks, so the experience is the most healthy for your daily rituals 

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pure natural incense sticks made with pure boswelia frankincense

Eco-Conscious Incense Holders Handcrafted Pottery 

Zen Incense Holders, we also create a range of handmade incense burners. We make them out of black stoneware clay, white porcelain in beautiful matt glazes. Stylish Incense Holders to adorn your spaces. Created from eco-conscious clays and glazes. Handmade by artisans in our London studio 

black porcelain handmade incense dish holder
natural incense set white porcelain incense holder handmade
black tiger eye incense holder dish hand made

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eco friendly natural incense sticks, non toxic, chemical free, sandalwood, soothing



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