Censer for Incense Ceremony - Black Porcelain

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Incense Censer in elegant black porcelain

This black porcelain pot with a lid, is handmade on the potters wheel. The deep green-black glaze is food safe. This pot with lid -  incense censer is made artfully in precious black porcelain. This incense censer, has a lid to close when not in use. It is highly elegant for a dressing table, or refined incense ceremony. With black sand it can be used for incense ceremony, or standing sticks directly in the sand.

This black porcelain pot with lid, can also be used as: storage pot for tea, incense cones, herbs or any other similar use. It is beautiful for incense ceremony, as a zen incense censer. 

It is pictured here with black sand and the charcoal, for direct burning of raw incense (resins, herbs, heartwoods, blends). It can also be ordered empty for storage of herbs, tea or incense.

There are two purchase options:
1. Pot with Lid / Incense Censer empty 
2.  The above, plus: Black Sand & Japanese Incense Charcoal (not tongs)

Any questions please feel free to message me

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