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By :Emma Leafe 0 comments

Purify your surroundings

with consciously hand gathered

raw ceremonial herbs


We have grown our collection to include the very finest sacred herbs, sourced with care from around this beautiful Earth. The varieties in their raw form, often gathered in prayer by Natives are from plants, which have long been revered for their spiritual, as well as their therapeutic qualities. Smudging is a Native American tradition done with herbs tied in bundles, known as Smudge Sticks. Although similar practices can be found in most ancient cultures, with various indigenous medicinal plants, all over the World. When the herbs, resins or plant material give off their sacred smoke, this can be washed over the person or object with a feather, fan or hand

Native Blessing with Smudge Sticks

This is a method I learnt from Native Americans in New Mexico. Begin your blessing for another being by connecting with their eyes for a moment to greet them. Begin your energy purification by fanning the fragrant smoke first at their heart centre, then up the right side of the person's head, moving around clockwise, whilst gently washing them with the smoke

Continue down their shoulder, arm, under the arm, down the left side of the torso, left leg and foot. Now smudge the right foot and up the other side, following the same line as before.  It's helpful to hold the intension, or softly say to release into the smoke any stuck energy, anything that no longer serves and any negativity

Now turn the person around and in a clockwise motion again repeat these movements as you smudge and bless the person's back. This can also be beneficial to uplift, clear energy around objects too. Bless them moving clockwise 


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