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Plant medicine

Plants have the power to recharge, calm and balance the system to reconnect you with your true nature. Here at UME we are fully plant based and the medicine of nature is how we flourish. We’ve created our natural incense sticks & products to elevate health, strengthen the body’s natural healing process and give you a boost of plant power in your daily rituals.  

The Way of Nature

With holy natural ingredients that are primarily from the source, from the plant material itself - no essential oils, perfumes or chemicals here, we embrace a higher vibration. Natural products are the way forward, healing body and soul on profound levels. These natural incense blends are mood-lifting and inherently stress-relieving due to the power of the natural medicine they are made from. Make nature part of your daily practice, focus your mind in meditation to attract a positive outcome. Let this plant medicine elevate your physical and emotional state. Taking you on the path of a high and healthy life, calming and combatting stress with ease. Align with the power of plants and breath in their natural fragrance as a beautiful, realigning energy medicine.