I have bought quite different Incenses to try them out. Without much knowledge, I intuitively know this is the best incense. The white gentle smoke looks so pure, tranquil, serene and divine. It makes you feel very tranquil just by looking at them. While the other incenses will start with black smokes which clearly are not pure and smells can be strong too. Recently I met an Amazing Quantum Healing Master Ching-Wen Yang to ask him about the quality of these incenses without telling him the prices.  He confirms that this is the purest incense with high energy. The other brands I have bought are not worth to burn them. The bad incense will attract bad energy and good incense will attract good energy. Thank you for making such pure incense.

- Ying. Oxford, UK

Gorgeous. I didn't want a standard looking incense holder. This one is VERY elegant. The actual piece that holds the incense has three holes that can actually accommodate three different sizes of incense. Quite lovely. This would make a great gift as it also comes beautifully packaged.

- Terrie. US

Beautiful incense, the quality is unsurpassed. I love this brand."

- Vivien. P. London, GB

I absolutely love this incense holder. It’s three holes mean you can use whichever size incense in you want to. It’s well weighted so holds all sizes with no problems at all. It’s super cute to hold and feels tactile. I think it’s well worth the money as it is functional, beautiful and handmade.

- Michele. GB

Quick delivery good packaging,,, delightful perfume from wood,,,, will be purchasing more of this,,, thank you

- Adrienne. GB

 Absolutely lovely, finally an incense that agrees with my delicate nostrills

- Daniele. RE, Italy

Second Purchase! Absolutely in love with the Palo Santo Sticks! I had to buy them again. Great company and service! xx  

- Smitherinaa. UK

I keep re-ordering these because they are perfect!! Many thanks again, Jane

- Jane. UK

I cannot rate UME highly enough. Super fast delivery and really high quality Palo Santo. Thank you so much - I can't wait to order more.

- Victoria. UK

Gave away 90% of all my old incense on my first inhale of this gentle, calming gem. The packaging makes it all the more precious and encourages me to treat the whole process as the ritual it deserves to be. Certainly, I will be back for more!

- Ryan. UK