We’ve chosen to work with carefully selected partners, many of whom are now friends and are in full alignment with our ethos here at UME

Our Partners

Yoga Laurent

It all started when…

We’ve known Laurent since his fashion days, many many moons ago in London. Since then we have seen him develop his passion for yoga and healing and make this his full time commitment - as he has witnessed the same in us. It’s so wonderful to still be in touch and work together again as we’ve both realigned from music, media and fashion, to the sacred arts.

Senior yoga teacher, Laurent Roure has one goal: he is aiming to provide his students with tools like learning yoga poses mindfully, safely and efficiently using pranayama and breath work, offering clarity with meditation and relaxation techniques. He constantly encourages every of his student to look at and listen to their bodies’ needs and to subsequently become more in touch with themselves, strengths, weaknesses, their breathing and their minds.

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Based on years of self-practice, studies and teaching in all sorts of conditions, places and with all kind of people, Laurent has cultivated a safe, welcoming and joyful approach to the art of teaching yoga mindfully. During his classes, you will hear often the words kindness, awareness, acceptance, breath, ground, ease, surrender etc.

Laurent has and continue to study deeply Hatha yoga in all its form and shapes anatomy, pranayama, meditation for a very long time and his depth of experience enables him to individually tailor his individual or group classes to suit his students’ abilities, minds and bodies.

This experience allows every student from all ages and backgrounds to safely rely on laurent’s guidance in the process of accepting themselves, recover, heal, improve their yoga practice or feel happier in their life.

Laurent, who is based in London UK, runs classes, workshops, courses and teacher training in the UK and Internationally.

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