Ta'er (High Grade Sandalwood)

Ta'er (High Grade Sandalwood)


Ta’er high grade Sandalwood incense sticks are blended with Chinese Rhubarb and Herb of Grace to form a deeply meditative, uplifting scent. High vibration, raw plant power, purify your life with Ume.

  •  30 sticks

  • Our Japanese style natural incense sticks are: 100% Vegan, Cruelty free, Ethically Sourced. Free from: filler, bamboo core, charcoal, no essential oils, perfumes or synthetic ingredients are ever used.

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About this Blend:

Ta’er high grade sandalwood incense sticks are a profoundly soothing, otherworldly blend of incense, named after a sacred Tibetan monastery rooted on the tranquil slopes of the Lotus Mountain renowned for it’s holy Sandalwood tree. It is this precious ingredient, notable for its use in ceremonies and meditation practices that comprises the cool, balmy opening notes. Golden tones of resinous Amber add warmth, while Chinese Rhubarb and subtle wafts of evergreen Herb of Grace enlighten this opulent blend reaching to untouched depths. Ta’er is a deeply meditative and spiritually uplifting scent.

Product Specifications: 

Our finest quality Japanese style incense sticks are made using 100% aromatic herbs, seeds, spices, barks and saps and then bound with water. 

  • Each luxury incense stick is 15cm long and burns for around 33 minutes.

  • There are 30 pure incense sticks per box.

  • Our incense sticks do not contain any filler, bamboo or charcoal, they are without essential oils, synthetic perfumes or ingredients. Only natural aromatics are allowed in our hand rolled incense sticks.