Paomashan (Calming, Balancing, Enchanting)

Paomashan (Calming, Balancing, Enchanting)


Paomashan pure Japanese style incense sticks are a calming blend of Aromatic Ginger, CloveLavandula. Soothe your senses, heal and de-stress your life breathing the aroma of plant medicine.

  • Deep Herbaceous Scent

  •  30 sticks per pack

  • Our incense sticks do not contain a bamboo core, are without charcoal, we don't use essential oils, synthetic ingredients or perfumes.

  • We are proud our product are 100% Natural & Vegan

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About this Blend:

Paomashan pure incense sticks are a calming blend of herbs, aromatic barks, spices, seeds and saps. These herbal incense sticks are named after a place of enlightenment high up in the foggy, glacial mountain range of the Tibetan Autonomous Region of Kanding, China. Aromatic Ginger and deeply soothing Clove form the dry, tingling base notes. They smoulder with an intense heart note of enchanting Lavandula which flutters through with a daze of chocolate and blackberry. Paomashan is a unique, calming combination, that captures the imagination and surrounds you with a luminous, fragrant atmosphere.

Product Specifications: 

Our Tibetan style, finest quality incense sticks only contain aromatic plant components. These herbs, aromatic barks, spices and saps are carefully held together with a water and purely plant based mixture. 

  • Each pure stick is 15cm long so that the burning time can be around 33 minutes.

  • 30 sticks per box.

  • Our incense sticks are free from: any filler, bamboo core, charcoal, we don't use synthetic perfumes, essential oils or chemical ingredients.