Monreale (Styrax-Benzoin) Natural Incense

Monreale (Styrax-Benzoin) Natural Incense


Monreale high quality incense sticks are a spicy vanillin scent of Styrax Benzoin. A beautiful meditative scent to calm and soothe your mood.

  • 90 Sticks Pack

  • Our incense sticks are: 100% Vegan, Cruelty free, Ethically Sourced. 

  • Free from: bamboo core, charcoal, essential oils, synthetic ingredients.

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About this Blend:

Monreale incense sticks are a spicy vanillin scent named after a 12th century Sicilian basilica, brimming to the top with 24 carat gold mosaics fusing the best of Arabic & Byzantine styles. Styrax Benzoin, with its sweet-spiced vanilla scent comprises the heart of this uplifting incense. Deep resinous undertones of invigorating amber add depth to this woody, yet sublimely creamy fragrance of Monreale natural incense sticks. 

Product Specifications: 

Our Japanese style incense sticks are made of 100% aromatic plants (derived from precious herbs, aromatic barks, spices, seeds and resins). This blend is a single scent of pure aromatic styrax-benzoin - and nothing else

  • Each incense stick has a length of 10cm and therefor burns for approx 18 minutes.

  • In each box there are 90 incense sticks.

  • Our incense sticks are free from any synthetic ingredients, essential oils, synthetic perfumes, bamboo core or charcoal. They do not contain any filler.