Mogao (Sweet, Refreshing, Energising)

Mogao (Sweet, Refreshing, Energising)


Mogao 100% natural Tibetan style incense sticks are a vibrant blend of Angelica RootKorean Mint Liquidambar Formosana. Energise your life & uplift your day!

  •  Herbaceous Scent

  • 30 Sticks per pack

  • Our incense sticks are: 100% Pure Aromatic Plants, Totally Natural, Vegan & Ethically Sourced.

  • They are without: bamboo core, any filler or charcoal, we don't use essential oils, synthetic ingredients or perfumes.

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About this Blend:

The first in this series of stunning pure herbal incenses is Mogao, so named after a complex of ancient art filled Buddhist caves, situated at a crossroads of trade, cultural and intellectual influences in the Gansu province of Western China. This vibrant blend of plant components bursts with the energy of earthy Angelica Root at the base. A refreshing breeze of Korean Mint with honeyed heart notes of Liquidambar Formosana further resonate in inspirational harmony. Mogao is a creative, reviving fragrance, which is sweet and delicious.

Product Specifications: 

Our finest quality Japanese style incense sticks are handmade with a blend of pure 100% aromatic plant components (herbs, warming spices, aromatic barks, seeds and resins). Each stick is bound with water. 

  • Each pure herbal incense stick is 15cm long and burns for around 33 minutes.

  • 30 incense sticks per packet.

  • Our incense sticks do not contain: bamboo core, any filler or charcoal, no essential oils, synthetic perfumes or synthetic ingredients are used.