How do I pick the best incense for me?

Pick the incense that relates to your feelings and emotional state overall, at this moment. 


Foundational Scents 

Best for: Calming, Healing, Meditation

Room size: Small - Medium

Scents: Monreale - Uluru - Abydos

High quality natural incense such as Benzoin, Sandalwood & Frankincense are some of the most recognisable scents, which are incredibly healing. They’re wonderful for meditation and have been prized throughout history for their therapeutic benefits. Documented as highly treasured by the Egyptians, though ancient Oriental and Biblical texts. Scientific studies document their calming properties on the nervous system. So if you are doing any sort of healing work, or want to sooth anxiety these are staples. 


Uplifting Scents

 Best for: Purify, Transform, Energy

Scents: Palo Santo - Point Lobos

The uplifting fragrance of Palo Santo & Cypress natural incense have both been used by indigenous tribes and ancient people to clear stuck energy around the house. Palo Santo is part of the Burseraceae family, which mean frankincense & myrrh are both close relatives. The active ingredients and terpenoids in these saps are responsible for much of their healing properties on our organism. The Cypress in Point Lobos has a familiar ancient forest scent, that is fresh and can remove stale energy in the room to purify surroundings.


After Cooking Scents

Best for: Kitchens, Big Rooms, Beach

Room size: High ceilings, Larger

Scents: Nomadic - Dawn

Burning natural incense sticks after eating a good meal is wonderful. In the kitchen cooking smells can build up and you might want to sweeten the air. The herbaceous blends of Nomadic & Dawn are perfect for this. Nomadic is a stronger incense with a roots & cardamom root base - so needs a well ventilated space. Dawn is sweeter and more forest temple. They can transform outdoor living too: the ingredients in Nomadic are a pleasant, natural Mosquito repellant incense. Try them on the beach - incredible!


Ceremonial Scents

Best for: Ceremony, Magic, Energy

Scents: Palo Santo - Sweet Grass

We stock raw incense sticks & herbs from the Amazon & North American Native Tribes. Palo Santo, Californian White Sage & Sweet Grass have been used for centuries to ward off evil spirits and to welcome in good ones! In shamanic ceremonies & healing circles, group leaders smudge their tribes with Palo Santo or White Sage - which both are said to release stuck energy. Also Sweet Grass is a personal favourite for welcoming in good energy to your space. These herbs need to be used with care and need either re-lighting often (Palo Santo) or extinguishing well.