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WATER ELEMENT Natural Incense Set


For this natural incense set, we’ve put together a gift set for Winter, which is aligned with the 5-Element system of Oriental Medicine. We teamed up with an artist calligrapher in Osaka Japan, Erica Zen, to draw the Water element symbol for you to work with

This Set Contains Full Products of

🌀 Monastery (sandalwood, sacred herbs, citrus)
🌀 Monreale (styrax benzoin)

🌀 Hand-rolled California White Sage Smudge Stick (not on image but will be in box)

🌀 Blue Sage, Sacred Scents Atmosphere Mist. 50ml
🌀 Wheel Thrown Black Stoneware incense Dish 
🌀 & Gold Dome Incense Holder

🌀 Calligraphy Print of Water element. Drawn in Japanese Kanji, by Eric Zen in Osaka

We use only precious barks, herbs, seeds & resins in our incense sticks
100% aromatic plants, vegan, ethically sourced
Free from synthetic ingredients, fillers, bamboo core, charcoal or essential oils

How To Light Incense

To begin: Light the very tip of stick only, wait for a few seconds before wafting out the flame
Place delicately in a holder and leave to gently smoulder, filling your space with pure plant essence