3 Spring Clearing Practices this Equinox 2019

It’s the last day of Winter, the fresh blossoms have already been blooming in the city and buds are showing all over the trees. Spring is a time to mentally mark a turning point in the year. A time when seeds planted in the darkest days start showing tiny shoots. It signifies new beginnings and those ideas starting to germinate. So much potential is on the horizon as daylight begins to lengthen and the cold days start to fade away.

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This Spring Equinox 2019 on Wednesday is made even more magical as it falls on the eve of the Worm Full Moon, the third and last Supermoon of 2019. The 'Super Worm Equinox Moon' is called ‘super’ as it’s closest to the Earth and the ‘Worm Moon’ signifies a time when, in cold climates, earthworms can again wiggle their way through the softening soil in preparation for a new crop to be sown.

This is a symbolic time when we can clarify our aims for the coming months. This is important to prepare, as we harvest what we sow later on in the year. The full moon can illuminate blocks and stagnant energies still holding us back from our wishes, making such times in the calendar quite intense for some. That is why Spring cleaning is typically done to rid those stagnant energies on a physical plane and make room to usher in those new, lighter, etherial energies.

Simple Steps on How To Prepare


What is it exactly that you want to call in to your existence? I once heard a master say something like “If you know where you are going you can get there much quicker” … “but what if you don’t know where you are going?” a student said … “then where you end up really doesn’t matter” the master replied.

Perhaps your only intension is that your year be beautiful, peaceful and full of love. Or, perhaps it’s a specific set of physical manifestations or a goal you want to achieve. Write your aims down to set the pathway for your wishes to begin to manifest.

Clear Out

Take a look around at what you’ve been hoarding in the past few months. Take note on why: this could be out of fear, lack of abundance, or safety in holding onto things or people.

Make a list of what you need to let go of: physical possessions, toxic relationships, toxic behaviours that no longer serve you - write down the steps you need to take towards purifying these aspects in order to move closer to your desires.

Let Go

Cleansing your space via actual cleaning, but also de-cluttering - gather up items that have been sitting unused for a while and consider giving them to charity. Enjoy some SPACE freed by this action. You can do SPACE CLEARING to inspire the new in with Palo Santo to help shift & uplift the energies, sending them back to the source with love.

Identify any resistance that comes up and let go further of anything that keep you stuck. If you’re not ready to let go just yet, that’s fine, just note why. Little by little over the months you can start to take your life in the direction you want. Use FRANKINCENSE to give you courage and keep you grounded when following your hearts path.

Emma Leafe