Sacred Geometry - the hidden codes of creation

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Last night I visited the Olafur Eliasson exhibition at the Tate Modern in London. It was full of Eliasson’s exploration in sacred geometry and reminded me of an intense period of study I did almost a decade ago. I have visited countless temples and sacred places in the hunt for evidence of an advanced civilisation that I had read about. Scientific symbols that are carved into ancient ruins - such as the temple at Dendera in Egypt. The ancients knew about sacred geometry, symbols that we are only recently comprehending now. Symbols that clearly depict the various dimensions we live in, the building blocks of the Universe - pointing to possible higher dimensions of perception. It fascinated me to wonder - where did the ancients get this knowledge from? Perhaps it will never be fully known, however one thing is for certain, they preserved it in stone for us to collectively ‘remember’ at a later point in time … we just had to come to a point in our evolution where we could once again ‘see’ it and begin to comprehend their meaning.

I was so enamoured by the mysterious history of our ancestors, that the Seed of Life became the symbol for Ume - it can be found on every pack as recognition of this journey.

The Flower of Life

The code of the FLOWER OF LIFE actually contains all the wisdom found in the universe, similar to the genetic code contained within our own DNA. This geometric code goes beyond ordinary forms of teaching and lies beneath the very structure of reality itself.

All the harmonics of light, sound and music exist within this geometric structure, which exists as a holographic pattern, defining the shape of both atoms and galaxies alike. This image has been used throughout the world and has been found in all the major religions in all countries. ... The Flower of Life pattern was considered so sacred to the ancients, that it was kept secret and has only been found in a few known Egyptian sites.

- Drunvalo Melchizedek
 - Flower of Life Research

Emma Leafe