Palo Santo Sacred Scents Perfume Oil at The Future Kept

We are thrilled to launch the first scent in our ‘Sacred Scents’ range this month … and even more to announce that The Future Kept will be one of the first to stock it. We totally adore their online shop, in which owners Jeska & Dean Hearne curate the most delicious range of ethically sourced, local, affordable, handmade and sustainable range of products. Not only that but they are super talented stylists and photographers … check out their site and feast your eyes on their gorgeous range …

above is our 100% natural perfume oil, made with the precious oil of Palo Santo, which has been used in the Amazon by indigenous shaman for centuries. It’s wonderfully grounding and is known to shift any stuck or negative vibes that might have collected around your body. The oil is a great botanical pick me up during your day, or before practicing energy arts such as yoga, meditation or just walking in nature. Hold the intension to let go of anything energy or thought wise that doesn’t serve you and feel the comfort of Palo Santo supporting you.

Emma Leafe