How do you light incense sticks?

This is our little guide on how to burn incense sticks: Our incense sticks are made of completely natural ingredients, so by burning this rolled plant material you are unleashing fragrances straight from the plant. It’s often difficult to get a full sense of our incense by smelling them in the box. Ume high grade incense sticks smell quite different while burning, so you are going to want to light one up and experience. If you are unsure how to light an incense stick, read on …

How to light, burn and enjoy incense - 5 steps by our master blender.

1/ Light the very tip of your incense stick with a lighter or match. Be careful not to put too much of the incense stick into the flame, just the very tip,  so as not to make any part of the stick black. This is to get the best fragrance possible, while it is smouldering.

2/ The incense stick will start to smoke and the end will be red, as it burns steadily.

3/ Place the incense stick in an incense stick holder or incense bowl to catch the ash. There are many types of holder you could choose, see our holders page for the ones we recommend.

4/ Ensure the incense is at least two meters away from you and the room is well ventilated. Do not inhale the smoke directly. A window sill is a perfect place or above the fire place.

5/ Enjoy the scent of your chosen scent. The burn for approx 33 minutes, however if you just want a light scent in your room, or you have a small room, you may wish to turn off before. You may then turn the stick upside down in your holder and it will go out.