Create harmony with Incense, Sound & Feng Shui

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Since moving into a new studio, I wanted to learn how to create good 'qi' in my living and working space with incense and sound, according to principles of feng shui. It's also called space clearing.

Feng Shui is the Chinese ancient art of directing energy throughout a home to bring its occupants into harmony. Being in the first part of the year, I thought I’d share simple tips I have learnt - these 5 points are very simple to do and do not require a compass.

Clutter in the home causes a heavy, stagnant energy to hang around the space. It is a good time to clear out old or unused items which may be contributing to stagnant energy. If you have noticed an area of your life in decline or feeling stalled, you might check the corresponding area of your house, to see if it has been neglected. I've recently done this and I can’t tell you enough how much lighter you will feel afterwards.

Space Cleansing with Sound
Clearing the space of negative ‘qi’ is important to create harmony after your de-cluttering, it can be done in two equally important ways, firstly with sound.  Many traditions, such as Taoism, Shamanism, Buddhism and monotheistic religions cleanse the space regularly with sound. You will need something that gives off a pleasant chime to disturb any negative energy patterns and get qi flowing through that area again. I use Zaphir Shanti Chimes, which are made in France- you could also sing healing mantras simultaneously. Try to do this everywhere negative qi could be hiding - behind units, in dark corners, over sofas and under beds.

Space Cleansing with Incense
Natural incense has a strong ability to get rid of negative qi. Some of the most powerful, cleansing ingredients are sage, frankincense and sandalwood. They are routinely used by churches, monasteries and by our ancient shamanic civilisations to create a pure space to work in. With your incense of choice cleanse the same areas you did with sound, adding in electrical points too. 

It is intention that sends out either positive or negative energy from ourselves - so energise what you are doing with positivity and have fun. Negative qi can build up after arguments too, so you can always repeat this practice to clear any negative vibes afterwards. Do your de-cluttering and cleansing ritual using positive affirmations to restore harmony and attract a positive flow of energy  - as like attracts like. You are aiming for overall harmony in your living or working space to attract a state of well being. 

Plants are excellent generators of vibrant qi, they will attract growth and infuse the air with oxygen. They can also disguise harsh angles or other elements that would otherwise create a stagnant flow of energy. After your cleanse add some greenery in your in your space - but not in the bedroom. Ensure your plants are healthy, you tend to them regularly and they are placed correctly for their flourishing. All kinds of plants emit a positive energy but my favourite plant is the woody Bamboo plant. In feng shui, wood represents creativity, regeneration, birth, the direction east and spring. It is one of the five basic elements in feng shui.