Create a Meditation Space with Incense and Feng Shui

So how do you actually start to create a divine space for meditation? It’s not necessary to do anything special before meditation, you can simply meditate, become aware, whilst waking down the street. However some people find it helpful to create a space for their meditation, as reminders of their intention to explore the primordial qualities of their true being.

The meditation setting increases the chances of your attention naturally repeating the art of recognition more frequently within a shorter period of time. This allows the clarity to build upon itself and take root in different, and sometimes deeper, ways than it does when we recognise Presence in the middle of, say, a business meeting.

- Bentinho Massaro



Incense and Meditation

The role incense has for me in relation to meditation (as I often also just burn it as I love the fragrance) is to clear stuck or negative energies and actively raise the vibration of the space - and scent is actually also a vibration. When the space smells fresh, beautiful ... and even better if it’s scented with the purest medicinal herbs which can induce healing in your body -  then all the better.

Two Simple Feng Shui Principles

A clean and well arranged space is important, as clutter is a sign of clutter of the mind. Clutter is a constant reminder of things unfinished and that need work. If your space is clean, clear and pure, your mind can fully be at rest (after all your external world is a reflection of your internal world. If you have clutter it could also mean you're spending time on something/someone else other than yourself, your immediate environment, which is normal from time to time : - ). The most simple but truly life changing principle of Feng Shui is a clutter-free space. This even extends to washing up dishes directly after using them and not letting them sit around, as this keeps the energy in a beautiful, positive, clear flow.

The next principle is to balance the yin and yang energies in the room. Your meditation space will most likely be suited to yin energy (think relaxation, calm, colours which can induce clarity, soothing music or progressive binaural beats, beautiful soft textures, natural fibres) but balanced with yang energy (think sensual spiritual images, red accents, dominant crystals, a contrast of light and dark etc).

Have fun with doing this, enjoy clearing and creating your own unique personal space.  Make it a reflection of what you're working with in your life, what you desire to become. Your happy, positive intension to do this for your own wellbeing will also bring good energy, good vibrations to your room.

Emma Leafe