What is the best Incense for Yoga ?

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There is a love / hate relationship with incense and yoga, some teachers fill the room with smoke and choose not so healthy incense for their yogis to ingest during yoga practice. This is a mistake. If chosen well and used correctly, incense is one of the most natural ways to fragrance a room out there ... here are some tips on how to use incense in a healthy way...

How to use Incense Sticks for Yoga

The correct way to burn incense sticks is to have them positioned at least two meters away from you, in a well ventilated room. Ideally burn the incense sticks before your yoga and meditation, so you cleanse the room and are breathing in just the scent mixed with air (also it will not get overpowering for sensitive people).

How to Choose the best Incense for Yoga 

  1. If you test incense when buying in a shop do not smell the smoke directly, as you will not get the true scent, you will only smell the smoke. The scent needs to have space to mix with the air and unfold in a room.
  2. Look for pure, natural incense sticks  WITHOUT perfumes, essential oils or un-aormatic filler - these totally natural incense sticks are made only from aromatic herbs and are the most healthy types of incense on the market. If you don't want things getting too smokey choose Japanese style or Tibetan style incense, which is without a bamboo core and the type that is made with only pure rolled herbs. This style burn more slowly too and produce a subtle elegant 'cloud'. 
  3. Natural incense sticks smell different when you sniff directly from the pack, you ideally need to light one up to get the true fragrance. If you smell a strong scent from the packet it's probably perfumed and best avoided. Often natural incense sticks smell of spices or don't smell at all - but don't let that put you off, often lighting one up you will experience a surprisingly different scent as the herbs mix together when burning  - creating something that only a true artist with the mastery of blending natural herbs can produce.
  4. Another way is to burn incense is in it's raw form, like Palo Santo Sticks or Sage bundles, but these are usually favoured for ceremonial purposes only, as you cannot leave them burning. Also they go out frequently so you need to keep re-lighting them. If you want to keep incense burning effortlessly whilst meditating, practicing yoga, tai chi or even during beautiful life meditations like: cooking, making art or reading etc, then natural incense 'sticks' are for you.

If your incense is well chosen and you have made sure that there is nothing in there except pure rolled aromatic ingredients, you are sure to be breathing in the healing properties of the plant - the true scent - the most healthy type of room fragrance for your yoga and meditation practice. 

We hope this information will help you decide on what room fragrance is best for your: health, yoga and your lifestyle. Please feel free to contact us with any questions, we are happy to hear from you. 
Emma Leafe