The Best Incense Sticks for Health

ume collection makers of natural incense sticks using high quality aromatic plant materials. highline new york city

ume collection makers of natural incense sticks using high quality aromatic plant materials. highline new york city

"Hey Yogies, is incense Yogic?" 

There has been some press about how incense might not be good for your health, some complain of the carcinogenic effects of breathing the smoke. Temples in South East Asia have also come under fire, as some burn the cheap pungent stuff, which is usually a brightly coloured, synthetically fragranced paste rolled on bamboo sticks ("the heady stuff remembered by students and past hippies of the 1960's/70's). This type of incense often sold outside tube stations and in carelessly stocked hippy shops smells so strong even without lighting it. It’s this very stuff that seems to instantly give people headaches and allergic reactions. 

There is much mis-information out there ... but thankfully not all incense is this low quality - but not many people know about it …

What Incense Sticks are Good for Health ?

Is it a secret? Well not in places in the East, where they understand sometimes better than us, what is healthy. Their system of Eastern medicine rivals our science and understanding of healing. For literally thousands of years people have lived in temples, burned incense several times daily and have often had longer lives than we have in the West. So if they have invented incense for health of mind & body, ingested the airborne incense smoke and have a highly regarded system of natural medicine, how come we are now saying incense is unhealthy? The fact largely comes from the recent intervention of the chemical industry. In the not so distant past chemical compounds, synthetic fragrances and colours were not in existence. The scents and dyes of ancient incense came from 'pure plants' and thus totally in accordance with the natural world. The perfume industry of today insist natural fragrance is not an option to sell to us as it's fragrance is "unstable, expensive and not long lasting" ... this may be the case in comparison with todays mass market perfumes, but truly natural incense sticks - the type that is made from only pure rolled herbs (not filler dipped in essential oils) often have a much longer lasting fragrance than any perfumed room products. Personally I can't stand reed diffusers as the scent is so pungent and unnatural. One high quality natural incense stick can scent the room for hours. They are also not going to be a health problem, as there are no chemicals or oils burning. This is the type of incense that is not readily available in the market place sadly - but there are some really great brands of incense out there that only deal in pure high grade natural incense sticks - so we suggest you find them and check: no perfumes, no essential oils, no unromantic filler, no bamboo core - only pure rolled herbs. This incense is the best for your health, the least smokey and what the ancient yogis, mystics and elite royal families used daily : ) 

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Emma Leafe