soothe the senses ... Stoneware Incense Dishes ... daily meditation

We are thrilled to relaunch our incense dishes - which have been upgraded for you! They are now larger and come with our gorgeous Dome Incense Stick Holders. 

You can choose the colour of your solid brass incense stick holder - they come in black zinc or brushed gold. Mix and match to your heart's content! Well, there are only two options, but it can make all the difference to personalising it for your sacred space. 

The dishes are handmade in our London studio from Japanese inspired stoneware clay. These have been our most popular products so far - due to their minimalism and compact nature. 

They come in a beautiful gift box, if you'd like to make a special present for yourself - you deserve every ounce of your own attention : ) 

objects that soothe the senses

Here at UME we aim to make beauty a healing factor for you - as well as presenting you with the highest quality plant-based healthy products we can make. By creating objects that soothe the senses, our belief if that it will inspire you to be more and more committed to your daily meditation rituals (which is so essential for a healthy mind). 

We hope you like our newest products - feel free to leave a comment or send us a message with your thoughts or requests.

Much Love, UME


Emma Leafe