The raw beauty of incense

Directly affecting, the fragrances released from the primary source … ground plant material, hand rolled … the gentle smouldering of raw herbs having the power to deeply transform … fragrance; it’s the silent spirit in a room, the missing element, sacred poetry, conjuring up long forgotten memories, emotions … or for some instilling the soothing calm of ‘no mind’ … a luxury that many crave to know well … 

this hidden elegance

Created when a simple natural incense stick is lit. What a forgotten art, the art of incense. When entering a room what is it you remember? The choice of decoration? the type of welcoming ? the inherent scent ? Does not the scent leave you with an impression of that place, more than any other aspect?  Even if a room may be unkept when you happen to visit, can a good scent uplift your experience of it? Does it not allow one to experience the silent charm of the ‘lived in’ feel; a work in progress with no time to save face …

dome incense stick holder_healing hands.jpg

Subtle scents

Fragrances that blend with natural aromas after a good meal, as a digestive. Sandalwood or the soft essence of vanillin styrax from Sumatra … deeply relaxing. Makes the body content after a beautifully prepared feast. breathe deeply the plant medicine.

life as a meditation

Every moment counts, every moment is the now of existence … has been dreamed up by you … you and you alone are mostly in charge of your experience. The formative years being the imprint, the lesson we came here to learn … when you find your freedom, you are in charge of where your mind directs you to … how you frame your experience, how you acknowledge your life … scent brings you back to that deepest part of yourself, inside. the eyes focus out, but scent brings you in, inside where the juice of existence lies. the water, the substance of life, the conditioning, from here we can project onto the screen of ‘reality’ … what is it you want to see? can you see with just your eyes? or can scent remind you that we can feel as well as see. can we marry all the senses, see without eyes … purify the mind 

all of this through a stick of hand rolled incense

From lovingly selected and carefully blended, ground herbs. seeds, saps and aromatic barks chosen for their unique fragrance, but mainly for the magical properties they embody. Can they curb the sharpness of being; of the tongue? … sooth the accumulated stressors we call ‘doing’, ‘jobs’, or ‘relationship’? The boxes we put ourselves inside to feel ourselves to be ‘someone’ … can we be ‘no one’? Can we merge with the elegant cloud of the incense stick, can we become soft, subtle, translucent. Airy. Can we transform from matter to energy, from particle to wave? a single burning of an incense stick can evoke all this … a silent stirring in the stillness ...